Waterproofing Services

ROOTERWORX Halton & Hamilton solve wet, leaky basement problems in the Halton Region and Hamilton city. We use the best waterproofing techniques on the market.
Basement Foundation Waterproofing
ROOTERWORX Halton & Hamilton specializes in Basement Waterproofing. Exterior waterproofing is one of the most well-known methods to protect basement interiors from water damage. Indeed, it is an effective way to preserve foundation and interiors from water penetration, high humidity, dampness, mold, and fungus growth. We offer several options for basement waterproofing and leak prevention practices.
Our experts provide free waterproofing consultations. Please, call our office to book +1(289)923-8572
Interior Waterproofing
Interior waterproofing is the water control system and vise versa. This method implies what exactly it is - it does not waterproof foundation walls rather than not letting water entering the inside area of the basement. The downside is foundation walls not getting any protection from water penetration and destruction. However, it ultimately keeps the space dry and free of water. The water control system involves interior weeping tile installation and installation of a sump pump. We usually recommend this method for structures that has possibility get proper waterproofing from outside.
Our experts provide free waterproofing consultations. Please, call our office to book +1(289)923-8572
Sump Pump Installation
Proper house waterproofing and sump pump installation is a key to dry and convenient extra living space. ROOTERWORX Halton and Hamilton not only install new sump pumps but also provide repair services for previously installed sump pumps. Contact us for a free sump pump installation estimate +1(289)923-8572
Basement Waterproofing Inspection
ROOTERWORX Halton & Hamilton company performs waterproofing diagnostics and consultations in Halton Region, Hamilton city, and nearby areas.
We also perform waterproofing and drain tile and drain sewer inspections as a part of pre-purchase house inspection.
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